Saturday, August 21, 2010

Transit Sun opposing Chiron/Neptune

As I was preparing to compose a new post for the blog I found myself coming back to the issue of Chiron and its links to both flower essences and astrology, which I have already written a bit about in earlier posts. I then found that with the Sun now at 28 Leo, it is opposing the conjunction of Chiron/Neptune at 28/27 Aquarius. With the Galactic Center at 26 Sagittarius, the past few days with Sun moving into trining the GC and opposing the Chiron/Neptune conjunction have had a certain unusual quality to them! For me this has involved a kind of impersonal sadness, a LOT of crying for unclear reasons and a feeling of complete weariness with life as it has been with all the 3D distractions.

If you have astrological placements around these points or at late Aries, Scorpio or Taurus, you may well have been experiencing something of an extra trigger, a highlight to the themes and energies involved for you. Perhaps you have been feeling very wounded and you just cannot find any more energy trying to find explanations for the wound, or finding mundane distractions to cover the wound up? Perhaps you are moving into an understanding that only Neptune's deep spirituality provides relief? Chiron himself functions as the bridge to deeper spirituality. Chiron is the initiator. It is a clue planet in understanding ascension, as it rules vibrations/resonance, the pineal gland, healing through vibratory means as crystals and flower essences by raising vibrations into a higher consciousness.

The Centaur by William Blake. Note the pine cone on the wand - a symbol for the pineal gland?

And with the Galactic Center tying in with this brief but powerful opposition in the sky - with the grand cross also at play making us all very acutely aware of all that is wrong and needs change on Earth - we have an opportunity for a deeper spiritual knowing of what ascension is about - as the Galactic Center is the 9D "spiritual heart" of our galaxy.

I hope I have managed to convey in an - at least a bit - understandable manner how I feel about the energies of these days, and if any of you have insights or experiences you'd like to share, please go ahead in the comment section! Wishing for a weekend with healing insights for you all!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Leo and the Heart

Dear readers,

it's been such a long time since I wrote here on the blog. I have wanted to focus on my here-and-now life; on the down-to-earth everyday practicalities. It is not that I have had a very busy time, but the days on the course I'm taking have been filled with work and practice, combined with lots of new knowledge to absorb, and I have really wanted to go for this new endeavour and stay very dedicated to it. I have a tendency to scatter my energies into far too many activities and interests at the same time, and I wanted to avoid that now.

Now, perhaps it's the energies of the very recent Leo new moon that are triggering me into a renewed effort with this blog! In Sweden, where I live, the late summer gives us just completely amazing days right now! Today I could really feel the leonine energies! Big, sunny, open heart and just that feeling of loving to exist! And the creativity linked to astrological Leo and the 5th house stems from this outbursting of Sun energy, where the true You pours from your soul and makes you all radiant. And the flowers of this time of the year reflect this quality too, I think. Many of them are grand and abundant and have such strong, regal, fiery colours! Oh what a joyful time!

Rudbeckia hirta - a very leonine flower

In my astrological make-up there is not much fire. In Leo there is just Saturn for me, so the fire energy has been a great challenge! Saturn is conjunct my ascendant from the 1st house, so my personality has been very cautious, shy and restricted. Leo is connected to the heart, and I kept mine closed due to fear of not being well received with my love. Today, I have learnt quite well to love myself! I still slip back into fear sometimes, but not very often.

Living from the heart is what we need to do in these times. The astrological T-square of Uranus/Jupiter in early Aries, Saturn in early Libra and Pluto in early Capricorn is presenting extremely intense times and is very, very challenging for many people. This configuration in the sky is ushering in long-since prophesied times of a shift of the ages, the ascension of Gaia and humanity, a new golden age coming where humanity will live from the heart and no longer exist in polarity consciousness. There is so much written around the web about this shift, and I do not intend to dive into trying to explain this in detail. But our lives are all coloured by these energies now. This is my perspective.

So now with the energies of the recent Leo new moon still active, try to move into your heart and stay there as much as you can. And ask yourself, who are you really? What is your deepest identity? What is your passion? What do you want to create? What makes your heart sing?

Sending lots of leonine love to you all!