Friday, September 24, 2010

Autumn Equinox and Harvest Moon

Dear readers,

I hope you've had an.... interesting autumn equinox and full moon! It was yesterday that the Sun moved into Libra, marking the entrance into the third part of the astrological year. The energies of this autumn equinox merge with the potent energies of the cardinal T-square of Saturn in early Libra (conjunct the equinox Sun) opposite Uranus and Jupiter retrograde in late Pisces (conjunct the full moon that was exact a few hours after the equinox), and T-squaring Pluto in early Capricorn! So you can understand the energies have been intense, and possibly you have felt this intensity in your physical and emotional bodies. For example, many people have reported of heavy headaches and increased body temperature during these last few days. There has also been an increase in solar activity during this time with great solar flares erupting on the Sun's surface. For sure this all affects us.

Mabon - the celtic autumnal equinox

In Barbara Hand Clow's astrological analysis for the Virgo New Moon, she says it is time we all find our path and follow it. We need to think deep and hard about who we are, why we're here and how we fit into the bigger scheme during these important, majestic times of human evolution. In line with this, the autumn equinox is also a time of evaluating where you're at, looking back to the intentions you set at the beginning of the astrological year; the spring equinox. What did you intend to manifest for this year, and how have things turned out? Have your intentions yet manifested? Should you give it a little bit more attention - perhaps things are just about to manifest and you simply need to put in some renewed focus and energy to make it happen? Or, as Barbara writes, some things have not manifested because they just don't really belong in your life as an authentic, ascending human. You can read her Astroflash here: You will find a lot of helpful insights in her text, that hopefully can provide input as you assess where you're at during this powerful autumn equinox of 2010!

Lots of love to you all!

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