Monday, April 5, 2010

The Taurus/Scorpio axis and Nature spirits

I have some trouble making up my mind as to what this blog is all about: What does it mean to me, why did I start it, what is the purpose of keeping it going? As I wrote in my last post, I feel that the blog reflects my 5th house/Scorpio, where I have Uranus conjunct North Node. Sitting by myself, moving deep into my psyche (Scorpio), and creatively (5th house) putting it all together by connecting it to astrology (Uranus) - and the North Node part of it "simply" giving me a feeling of doing something very close to my true path - it all did feel very important and rewarding for me. I also did start building a website that would be the basis of trying to practice my skills (if any) in chart reading, and possibly one day trying to do this professionally (even if that of course would require some formal training). As transiting Uranus is on my MC right now, I've had a lot of thoughts, plans, and not least anxieties around vocation, and with both the ruler of my MC (Neptune) and Uranus natally in the 5th house, I did get a very strong feeling that THIS was my true vocation!

As those of you who have been following this blog know, something else came up, and it is my deep hope that this new endeavour is also an important piece of the puzzle as to the understanding and finding of my vocational path. But I do tend to worry that this new endeavour is something that is representational of my South Node (in Taurus), and which would thus be a kind of regression instead of positive evolution. Now, I do know that things are not that black-or-white, but it seems I really have a need to sort these things out a bit, to know deeply my motives for beginning this course in egological farming/gardening. I think it may well be partly a reconnection to past lives issues, I just hope that it is a positive reconnection - one that reactivates important previous knowledge - rather than a pull-back. I have written quite a lot about Chiron also in this blog, and Chiron in my chart is losely conjunct the South Node. I have had Chiron transited (by trine) by Pluto recently, and so Chiron has become kind of activated in my psyche/soul. This is something entirely positive and really should convince me that I am on the right path here...!

I would really like to better understand the interplay of both the 5th/11th house axis, and the Taurus/Scorpio axis. I just found this interesting post on a forum (
My guess is you probably have a struggle with the material security driven side in you and the more instinctive spiritual deep side in you. The pull will be the cross between the necessaty to survive and compromise and feel secure with others, and breaking away from the material to find some kind of new beginning where the hidden nature of things becomes primary in your daily functions, I mean, sticking with that gut feeling, or vision, or whatever and seeing where it goes, how deep the rabbit hole goes. If you have strong Scorpio leaning in your chart, there will be something very strong inside you that needs mystical experiences, but the Taurean side will favour necessity over the life or death attitude of Scorpio, and death can occur in terms of release of old ways, life of new. [...] Also the polarity of the Scorpio Taurus axis is often linked with (if you believe) past-life in Witchcraft and magic, so there may be a powerful witch within you.
This rings very deep and true to me. Both the part of the Taurus energy representing material security needs, and the witchcraft/magic thing. I do not like to think that I may have (subconsciously) embarked upon this course to get that good feeling of knowing what to do every day, and having a secure, although low, income during these few months! But I do like the idea that this endeavour may be a good way to reconnect with a heritage that I resonate with - that of the wise woman who understands the natural world so well that she can work with it through "magic" - co-create with it. I am beginning to understand that an essential part of this course, for me, is about understanding that nature really is alive, not metaphorically but literally, in that the natural world is built and sustained by nature spirits, that we need to cooperate with.
To me it is really interesting to think of Taurus/Scorpio as Demeter/Persephone, and as the Ground/the Underground. It has a lot of pertinence to understanding my own motivations for doing what I'm doing right now! Thank you for reading this, and I truly hope that you have received some good input as to your own Taurus/Scorpio-, or 2nd house/8th house-, or even Venus/Pluto energy interplay! Please know that I would greatly appreciate to hear any thoughts that you might like to share here, by posting a comment below.

Sending wishes for much love and joy to you all!


Jently said...

Hi Anna,

I can sooo empathise with your confusion over whether working with nature is reverting to past life experience via S node.
Just how do we know?
I have similar issues going on with my 8th house S node while Pluto is transitting conjunct 2nd house N node and I feel I am being asked to be financially self dependent instead of relying on shared resources which is how I have lived all my life. I have never leeched off of others but have definitely lived with a certain amount of reliance on having others to fall back on in emergencies.

The thought of not having a back up of some kind is quite frightening and it is just not clear cut for me which way to go. I do have options, and actually the S node option involves caring for somebody (Cancer 8th) which feels altogether more comfortable and natural. I think without the astrological knowledge of the Pluto transit it would be easier to take that route. But....
Which is the right road to travel for my soul's growth?

Thanks for the space to share this Anna. It's a very confusing time anyway as I have Neptune and Chiron playing games with my natal Neptune and Chiron, but that's another story haha.

Anna said...

Hi Jently, so good to hear from you :)! Yes, sometimes one does not know if astrological knowledge makes it easier or more difficult to make decisions. But the decisions get to be more CONSCIOUS with the astrological insights as a basis, anyway! It's so interesting that you're having similar issues to cope with, and to try and understand rigth now, as I do. I have to go back to my kind of instant and strong inner knowledge that I felt when I found the course that I'm now taking - that it was exactly what I should do. It does make me very happy also. And I feel I can see a synthesis between the SN and NN energies in the themes of the course... and Chiron into the mix, as well, which makes it understable to me. I think there will be a lot of healing for me in taking this course. The other day I actually did come in contact with a past life memory, right there where the course is taking place, under the trees... it was very powerful. I have Saturn natally squaring my nodes, and as I've written about earlier (I think), I had a past life regression before even knowing about this course, that seemed very saturnian... I was locked into a life of meaningless work that I hated, but what I wanted to do was being in nature. I feel this issue is coming to a resolution now, when I see that I can have both: I can have nature as my vocation :).

It's interesting that Pluto is transiting your NN, and you feel attracted to a Cancer 8th SN activity... as 8th house is connected to Pluto's energies... I really do not think one should cut off the SN entirely, I think you cannot move toward the NN without having some sort of basis in the SN - as they are a polarity! I think you have to try and find a way to let the two work together - and I do think it will show itself to you, it will come with the intense process you're going through. I have to say my spontaneous ideas about Cancer 8th SN is you may have had lives where you have been very psychic, a healer, perhaps a "whitch"...? Could you lean on those energies to move forward, toward your NN? What are your dreams speaking of at night, for example...?
I hope you'll receive some insights into your dilemma soon! Please feel free to share again!
Lots of love to you Jently!

Anonymous said...

Plato says,

Hello Anna, I have got a taurus ASC with uranus on the DESC.

It is pretty difficult indeed. The taurus-scorpio axis is a very deep introvert axis and Uranus is like aquarius: extrovert I would like to present things (Uranus DESC to the public) but the taurus-scorpio axis makes it very introvert and very deep less spontanious. I think uranus in scorpio makes uranus 's energy more secretly, less openly, more focused. So I might be a good advisor in deep finance or deep science.

I am really not able to talk about about superficial things or present superficial things. scorpio is also about everything or nothing. So I say something or I say nothing. I can talk powerfull. (but this is also becaus my venus is square pluto)