Sunday, March 28, 2010

Remaining centered

The past few months have been very tranquil and meditative for me, and I think they have been a bit slow for everyone, as Mars has been retrograde. For me this time has been very healing. Slowly I have moved out of stress and out of feeling guilty over not doing all those things that main stream society expects us to do. I have moved into a realization of a deep dilemma that has been very ingrained in my soul: I have believed that there is no way out of the trap of having to put up with just about any work, no matter how dreadful one finds it, to be able to survive (I wrote about this in my previous post). This dilemma seems to be clearly illustrated astrologically in that transiting Uranus, which is moving over my MC, is also opposed by T-Saturn, hovering at my IC - the dilemma of freedom vs security, where Saturn (security) previously has won at the expense of my spirit (I also have Saturn square Uranus natally).
Uranus the awakener
Saturn natally squares my nodal axis, so it is a critical planet in the understanding of difficult karmic stuff for me. The realization came about during a past life regression, so it was not just a mental understanding - which, I think, is why it brought about such a profound release. It all peaked when i had to make a decision about how to handle a possible job offer - a job I did not want but felt obliged to accept if I would be offered it. The regression helped me solve it, and after that, the Universe showed me that all was well by making me "stumble over" the course in organic farming/gardening that I have now finished the first week of! I'm amazed to have this happening to me!

I call this post Remaining centered because this seems to be the great challenge right now. All is well, but I have to make an effort to remain myself among other people and with a more busy schedule. In order to be able to write, I need a lot of time so that things can grow and become conscious in my mind before I can put them into words. I have less time now, but I really don't want to let go of this blog. I feel that this, too, is an important part of this transit of Uranus to my MC, as Uranus does represent astrology among other things. The course in organic farming ties in with the Taurean parts of my chart I feel, and that is partly my South Node. But the South Node is not isolated from the North Node - the direction of the Soul in this lifetime - and Uranus is conjunct my North Node after all. So I really will try to keep on writing in this blog and hope that it will help me remaining centered. And I hope that the readers that have found their way here will keep on finding it interesting!

I hope that you've all had a good start of the new astrological year starting at the spring equinox of last Saturday!
I wish you lots of love and joy!

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