Thursday, February 10, 2011

Becoming an astrologer

Last year, about this time of the year, I was SO close to deciding to start reading people's horoscopes - for free - in order to gain experience in chart reading. I would be doing this in preparation to, later on, be able to work professionally as an astrologer. But then something else came up, and these plans were put on hold for the rest of the year. Now, they're surfacing again and I'm thrilled to tell you all about it!

The Zodiac (Wikimedia Commons)

For many, many years I have been reading about jungian psychology, symbology, dreamwork and, above all, astrology. The symbology became a foundation for me to stand upon; the symbolic language opened up the inner world to me, and this inner world turned out to be a basic clue to happiness in my life. I navigate from the inside - mostly - and without understanding the language of the inner world I would be quite lost. My conscious relationship to the inner world started with jungian psychology. I read a lot about it, and then had a chance to meet a jungian analyst during half a year or so, when I was about the age of 25. During this time I kept a dream journal and had a very active relationship with the symbol world and the archetypes. I think often this naturally leads on to astrology - it did for me at least. It was the beginning of a love story which is still going strong 10 years later, and I am pretty sure it will never end (as I am pretty sure I have been doing this in previous/parallel lifetimes, too). Astrology for me was about making the subjective a little bit more objective, tangible and comprehensible. It was about my inner experiences making sense in a larger scheme. It was about finding meaning. I could look to the symbols that came to me in my dreams at night, or in meditations and visions, and correlate them to what was going on in the heavens and how this triggered off my natal birthchart. My life began to make sense and it even seemed much more exciting!

And here I find myself many years after my initial meeting with this wonderful world, not being able to stop this urge to share what I've learnt and help people aligning more closely with their true selves through astrology. The Uranus transit to my MC in late Pisces, which began in June 2009 is now over. The final push in this career transition for me was the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction (which we've had for a while), which was exact on the day of the solar eclipse on the Capricorn new moon on January 4th, within a degree of my MC. With this energetical boost I suddenly felt VERY sure: what I will do is becoming an astrologer! I "happened to" find the website of the IAA (the International Academy of Astrology) and it did not take long until I had made my final decision to start studying with them. This is a preparation to become a certified astrologer with the ISAR or the NCGR.

I feel GREAT about this! Be prepared to see many new interesting turns and offers coming up soon on this blog :)! I am as eager to start reading charts now as I was last year about this time - but now I feel better prepared for it. So watch out for the next post, coming up soon.

Sending lots of love to you all!


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