Saturday, February 19, 2011

A vision of Urania, lit up by the Leo Full Moon

Yesterday's Full Moon in late Leo highlighted my asteroid Urania which it conjuncted. She was one of the muses and she was, according to Darkstarastrology, the goddess of astronomy and astrology (they of course were the same in ancient days) and was also associated with universal love and the holy spirit ( read more in the link above). It was not long ago that I found out where my asteroid Urania is situated - or perhaps I re-found out about it, but it was not until very recently that I truly started paying attention to this asteroid and its placement. It is conjunct my asteroid Medusa which is the asteroid that I was actually interested in at the time when Urania made herself known to me, too.

I found out about these asteroids at the New Moon in Aquarius, which fell in my 8th house, and it was the 8th house emphasis that led me to exploring the dark moon goddesses (as this house has connections to Pluto and Scorpio, plus the new moon itself is a dark moon), one of which is Medusa (see Demetra George's book Mysteries of the Dark Moon). Medusa guarded the ancient female mysteries and had a connection with serpents - an animal which is of importance to me. What she represented got thwarted when she was adopted into the greek, patriarchal pantheon, and well - nowadays we think of her as that horrible woman with snakes instead of hair on her head, who kills you by just one look - especially if you're a man.

Connecting to positive Medusa can, I think, be a very releasing and healing experience for many women today - I know she is an important archetype for me to try to get in touch with. She is the clue to my primal, female, serpent power! And, she is conjunct Urania! And, I want to become a professional astrologer! And both of them are linked with my Mars, which I know I have some difficulty expressing positively. And the whole bunch were lit up during yesterday's full moon. This is really profound as I "discovered" them on the new moon leading up to this full moon. On the other side of the opposition were Sun, Mars, Mercury, Chiron and Neptune! Wow.... this line-up must have added to the feeling of profundity and sacredness this full moon had to it.

My intention for the new moon was connected to both Urania and Medusa, so I expected them to be highlighted right now, to be understood a bit better. And what happened, this afternoon, was I really "connected" with Urania. I was meditating, asking for guidance, and went deep into my inner imagery and felt that I was really in the flow. Then she was there. First, there was a beautiful , exquisite dress being shown to me: pale yellow, with a sweet pattern of embroidered dark red/brown flowers, and with a pretty lace collar - it had a renaissance feeling to it. Then I saw myself in this dress, up in a tower in the starry night, gazing at the heavens through my two (!) telescopes. I knew I was Urania, or embodying Urania, and I heard a voice assuring me that I am on the right path with astrology and need not worry about it, I already have it in me and am really talented at it.

I reappeared from the meditation by the phone ringing, and it was a friend who is an astrologer. She said: I just bought the most lovely, delicate summer dress!

So, there I had it! There are still more questions to be answered - the Medusa connection to Urania is not very clear to me yet - but I know now that astrology is a clue to gaining access to positive Mars. Medusa will probably follow.... I just find these things amazing. We are truly moving into a much better world and we need to start listening more to our inner guidance, and connect with our multidimensional selves. We need to align with our soul blueprint and step more firmly onto our true path. Astrology can help us getting attuned to the cosmic energies and align with the flow. If you would like me to help you understanding yourself and your path better, please contact me.

For more info about astrology consultations at Capricornian Cancer, please read this post.

I hope this post will inspire you to be receptive to what is shown to you at a Full Moon, and that this is a natural outgrowth of intentions set during the New Moon leading up to it. I will write more about "moon magic" in a forthcoming post.

I'm sending you much love and care! Please feel very free to comment upon any of the posts in this blog. I would love to get to know my readers a bit!



Ruth said...

What a fantastic synchronicity with the dress! It shows you are on the right path, Anna. :0

I think Medusa has a lot to do with the scorpio archetype. She is conjunct my Sun and so many men I've encountered in my life have very strong Pluto/Scorpio overtones, yet that is not particularly STRONGLY reflected in my Sun otherwise (Libra sun, semi-sextile Pluto, inconjuct Hades - would you call that strong?...I'm not sure it is).

I did a lot of reading about her once. She is also related to the third aspect of the Moon card in Tarot, which comprises the maiden, mother and crone. "Crone" sounds horrible, but it is really just the Wise Woman who has done with the frivolous and superficial aspects of life and is probing deeper into the Mysteries and teaching what she has learnt.

As I am just about menopausal now, it seems appropriate to move into the crone-hood that has always been lying there, waiting for me since the moment I was born.

I like Urania too because she is in a grand trine with my north node. :)

love, Ruth

Anna said...

Hi Ruth, I want to apologize for not having replied to you earlier, and thank you for your comment! I have been like "somewhere else" completely during the latest months, and I've just not been able to focus on this blog. But I should, of course, have paid attention to any incoming comments!
My apologies.

It's interesting to hear your thoughts on Medusa. No, it doesn't sound as if you'd have a "strong" Pluto/Scorpio overtone to your chart. Did you look at asteroid Persephone? And how about your 8th house and the ruler of the eight, might it have something to do with it?

Anyway, I too am very fascinated by all these ancient goddesses embodying the Dark Moon - the third face/phase of the Triple Goddess. She has been so excluded since patriarchy began, and it is very important that we embrace her!