Thursday, September 29, 2011

Entering Autumn - the Third Part of the Astrological Year

We have recently entered Autumn, the third part of the astrological year, and it feels perfect to resume working with this blog - and working as an astrologer - within these balancing energies of the recent Autumnal Equinox (September 23, when the Sun entered Libra) and Libra New Moon (September 27). The Libran energies represent balance, harmony, relationships and co-operation, and the energies of the Autumnal Equinox are what's setting the scene for us all up until the Winter Solstice, when the final part of the astrological year begins. So, what is characterizing this autumn? What are we working with? Where are we, energetically? Well, I'm quite certain I don't need to say that the energies at play are intense - but still oh, so beautiful. Looking back....

(Picture: Autumn leaves by John Everett Millais)

... A very dominant energy of this year of 2011 - the very final year of the Mayan Calendar (ending October 28) - is the influence of both Uranus and Pluto in early degrees of cardinal signs: Uranus in early Aries, and Pluto in early Capricorn. These two slow-moving, outer planets play a HUGE part in the collective wake-up call and breaking down of old and out-worn structures that we are now experiencing on Planet Earth. Them being in EARLY degrees of cardinal signs means that they'll have an influence on ALL the solstices and equinoxes this year - which are so important markers during any year - as these are the times when the Sun enters the cardinal signs.

So, this year began DRAMATICALLY with the Spring Equinox Sun (0 degrees Aries) being tightly conjunct Uranus, and square Pluto (although not so tightly, Pluto being at 7 degrees Capricorn). At that time, we had just entered the Ninth and Final Underworld of the Mayan Calendar, and time had sped up x20! The tragedies of the earthquake and following tsunami, and then the meltdown of Fukushima, in Japan, had just happened. Personally I could definitely feel we were entering another phase of our evolution, and the chaotic and powerful energies ushering it all in. I also experienced much turmoil in my own life, and have gone through SO much change since then - especially during summer when we had three eclipses working very transformationally upon us. I'm sure many of you also can look back onto this first half of the astrological year of 2011, and feel that it has been... well, intense. Though that seems like a very small word. Special? Even smaller word, but yes, indeed. Deeply transformational, for sure.

And the Autumn Equinox keeps up the pressure - now, the Sun is in early Libra - opposing the point where it was at the Spring Equinox and opposing Uranus in early Aries. Both the Sun and Uranus are squaring Pluto in early Capricorn, so we have a so-called T-square in effect, and the profoundly disruptive and transformational energies are still very much at play. In all this seeming chaos, we need to recognize that transformation is needed, and we need to do our best to keep our inner peace and balance, and not allow ourselves to become involved in the outer dramas. Yes, BALANCE is really the keyword for the Autumn Equinox and entering Libra. Traditionally we set intentions for the year to come at the Spring Equinox, and come Autumn, we look at what has manifested and how we need to balance our creations. It's a lot about LETTING GO of what's no longer needed or wished for. Although you may not have been aware that you were doing this at the time of the equinox, you may have still done that kind of energetic work. And it's not too late. You should really use this time of the year to find balance and let go of superfluous ANYTHING. Especially this year.

Find your inner stillness, balance and peace

I would like to point out that it's definitely not all just chaos and upheaval in these times. Looking to outer events and what's being reported in mainstream media, this is probably what we see. It may also be what we feel inside of us. But might there be something completely different hiding in the stillness of the center point? Yes, and this is where we now have our very big challenge: Our firm decision to leave our old and outworn false identities and all its superfluous and heavy baggage behind us, and embrace a whole new paradigm where we live from our hearts and resume our intended "roles" as galactic citizens with multidimensional consciousness, and keepers of Gaia. And so when we let go of the chaos and drama, and move into Heart Consciousness, we move into the beauty and magic that are the TRUE nature of these times.

So, you know those rose-coloured glasses that people always told you that you needed to remove? - Well, what you saw through them is THE REAL THING! Because in truth, everything is LOVE. And existence is a magical adventure, which YOU create just the way you want it to be. You still need to know what energies you are working and playing with though, and that is how astrology can help you. If you are in the midst of emotional drama and feeling like you're only experiencing the negatives of the chaos and upheaval around you - perhaps feeling that nothing that you used to believe in is true, or that you have no idea who you truly are - it can be very difficult to find center space, balance and trust to be able to move on in a new world. In that case, please allow me to help you. I am here to guide you to move closer to your true self in these challenging but beautiful times. Astrology is my primary tool for this, and I combine it with my heart consciousness and my intuition. I also use tarot cards to tap deeper into what's going on for you right now, and what you can do to support yourself on your path. Please don't hesitate to contact me at, to request a reading. There are different alternatives - I work both with written readings, and readings over Skype. If you are located in Sweden, I also work with in-person consultations. Right now I am located in Gothenburg.

I wish you very blessed, magical and balanced Libra days ahead!

With love, Anna

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