Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Full Moon in Aries - the Goddess and the Sacred Warrior

We are in the energies of the Full Moon in Aries right now. The lunation was exact at 4.05 this morning here in Sweden. Luna is embracing her fullest visibility, her femininity lit up by opposite masculine Sun in Libra, and her fullness glowing in the potent warrior energy of Aries. Yes, she is in such a powerful position right now! She is even supported by Mars himself - the ruler of Aries, the sign she's in - as he is in a harmonious trine to her from his current position in Leo, where he's strong and proud.

The feminine, receptive Moon may feel a bit awkward in the combative and assertive fire energies of Aries - but the trine from Mars in Leo makes her better able to stand firmly in this power. And so we truly have an opportunity for a strong and powerful Moon, a fully embodied Goddess - the Sacred Feminine is thoroughly supported by the Sacred Masculine - the sacred warrior.

Also on the other side of the polarity of this Full Moon - in Libra - there is a great potential for a marriage between masculine and feminine energies. Libra is a masculine air sign, but is nonetheless ruled by Venus, the love goddess. In connection with Libra, Venus is about balance, harmony, peace, fairness, justice, aesthetics, relationships, partnerships, cooperation. So, in Libra the Sun is influenced by the feminine principle via Venus. The Sun is also in a close conjunction with Saturn, which provides stability and structure. Both the Sun and Saturn represent the father principle, and so Saturn's influence with the Sun on this side of the Full Moon polarity lends a sense of safety and trustworthiness - a grounded feeling for Luna as she stands in her feminine power.

And so it is an interesting and powerful combination of masculine and feminine energies that we are experiencing during this full moon. The yin/yang polarity is always inherent in a full moon (Sun/Moon), but in this Aries/Libra combination we have the other classic yin/yang combination at play, too - the Mars/Venus dynamic. The interesting part is that the lunar, feminine energy combines with Mars which is masculine (Aries), and the solar, masculine energy combines with Venus which is feminine (Libra). Mars himself truly has the potential of playing his role as sacred warrior during this lunation, through his trining the Moon, and sextiling the Sun. Oh of course, that is to say WE - all of us - have the potential of letting our inner sacred warrior support our inner Goddess.

A great part of the ascension process that is happening now on our planet is this return of the Goddess. Today's full moon happens only one day after we entered the last Day of the Ninth and final Wave of the Mayan Calendar - and it actually is the very last full moon of this evolutionary cycle. The potential for a balance between the Sacred Masculine and the Sacred Feminine that is inherent in this very special lunation is an amazing blessing. I wish for many beautiful insights and the serenity that comes with the knowing that balance has been achieved, between Masculine and Feminine, and between Self and Other, for all of you during these days.



Linda said...

Hello dearest Anna! It is great to read your blog. Your writings are exceptional and brilliant! The pictures you have chosen are lovely. A fine work. Love ........ Linda

Anna said...

Dear Linda - thank you so much! I value your opinion very much and am honored to hear this from you :). My intention is to write here more often and more regulary, and to, via the language of astrology, bring to readers a point of view - coloured by the make-up of my own spirit/soul - of what's going on energetically on Planet Earth right now, and how we can interact with these energies in a constructive way. And I want to do this, because it is what I love to do :)! My wishes and intentions right now, too, is to make this a more interactive and lively place, and for that reason too I was so happy to receive your comment.
Much love right back to you!