Monday, January 25, 2010

Slowly with Saturn retrograde through my 4th

I have moved into a very inwardly focused mode. Soon already one month has gone by since I quit working. Time passes incredibly fast, and the days flow in and out through one another. But even if time seems to be passing at an intense pace, I still experience a slow pace inside myself. I am starting to really move out of stress, and instead I am almost beginning to experience the other extreme - I'm almost getting bored.

It seems to fit well with transiting Saturn going retrograde in my 4th house. Saturn began retrograding at 4.39 Libra on the 14th of January. That was the day before the Solar eclipse (it was also the day that I started this blog), which I experienced as a boost, but now that flow has somehow smoothed itself out, and I can really feel Saturn retrograde in my 4th, squaring transiting Pluto in 6th, as a hold-back for me now. This is OK! I can hardly expext to know right away how to shape my "new" life.

At the same time I'm SO eager to find that new direction! Transiting Uranus is working in opposition with transiting Saturn right now (although not to the exact at this moment - the first exact opp. was at 24 Virgo/Pisces in September, next will be in April this year at 28 Virgo/Pisces, then end July, 0 degr. Libra/Aries). When T-Uranus first hit my MC at 26 Pisces in June 2009, I could hardly resist resigning, but held it for a bit longer. Then Uranus started retrograding, but in September, when the opposition of Uranus/Saturn was exact, I decided to go ahead and do it! Resign!

Uranus retrograded back through my 9th house, back to 22.42 Pisces, and turned direct on December 2nd. On March 21st it will reach my MC for the 2nd time - and this is interesting, because this is the date of the Sprinq Equinox! This is the time when the new year REALLY begins! I just realized this, and I like it very much. The time between the Winter Solstice and the Sprinq Equinox is a time for reflection on the past year - not the very best time to set the intentions for the new year, anyway. So, I am thinking it's astrologically perfectly OK that I use these few months to get ready for the new.

I have a few embryos of plans - and today I ordered a little something to try to push myself in the right direction :). In my last post I talked a lot about Chiron, and in the book by Barbara Hand Clow that I've been reading, she mentions how Chiron also rules homeopathy, aromatherapy and other forms of energetics medicine. She moves onto using flower essences as an example, stating: "Minute quantities of flower essences are capable of causing a major shift in stuck emotional patterns, if a person determines the quality of an emotion and takes the appropriate essence to release it."

This had me remembering Bach's flower essences, which have fascinated me before, and I went to read about them again. And I found there's an essence, Wild oat (funny!), that seems to describe my constant dilemma. Wild oat " the remedy for people who feel they want to do something worthwhile with their lives but don't know which direction to go". (
How great!

Hope you're all well,
much love and joy!

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