Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Priestess of Freyja

She's calling again - the Divine Feminine, the Great Mother, the Goddess, the Earth. Please listen to this with me:

Powerful, isn't it? Mari Boine is a Sámi woman, and I will explain why I resonate with this below. (If you like Mari Boine's music, here's her myspace-site:

A great theme for me during last spring and that also came up again during a workshop I participated in with Barbara Hand Clow in September was to research the divine feminine in history. I was very drawn to the Priestess archetype, and I had tried to participate in a "priestess course" just a few weeks before the workshop with Barbara, which somehow made me feel very uncomfortable and I quit it.

In the workshop when we did the Journey through nine dimensions, I experienced the World Tree (which is actually the 10th dimension - the one that links the other nine) as a pulsating, vibrant pillar of pregnant women - a line, THE line of "ancestresses". I also experienced a "northern people" - Siberian or Sámi, probably Sámi - in the 3rd dimension, as great guides for me. Not too long after the workshop, I got a migraine, and when in that state, my mind let me make important connections - between herbal knowledge (which was also a theme for me during the workshop), shamans, and Sámi.

And so, something happened just recently that made some pieces of this puzzle come together for me: A friend and I talked about how the sacred feminine has been buried for so long, and speculated about what it may have been like to be a woman during the bronze age or iron age here in the North. When I got home I happened to find a reference to an archeological finding: a woman's grave from the iron age, who is believed to have been a Priestess of Freyja! Also, the finding was right where one of my best friends lives - we had spoken of this finding but she did not know that it was so special!

A priestess of Freyja.... this had my mind wander. And it was when I searched for info on this topic that I found the music clip above - which had me completely in tears. It is because it's all coming closer to me - I'm no longer just fascinated by, say, ancient minoan priestesses - I am finding clues coming together for me personally, and it's SO amazing to read about this archetype in a northern setting. And Freyja among other things is a shaman I feel! In two weeks I will have a past life regression session, and I hope to find out more about this as well as other important things.

This is a very personal story, and I hope as always that the personal can be universal. After all, we are one. How does the divine feminine show itself to you? Are you paying attention to synchronicities in your life?

Warmest wishes for much love, joy and healing in your lives!
Take care,


Elizabeth said...

Wow-- sounds like the workshop was quite an experience. Moreso the latter one then the former. Sorry you had a bad experience there!!

You've posed some great questions at the botton here * How does the divine feminine show itself to you? Are you paying attention to synchronicities in your life?*

I can't even begin to answer-- so something for me to reflect and meditate on a bit!! :)

I hope to make it to one of Barbara's workshops sometime in the future. Love her insight! Still have two books of hers I'm reading--still need to finish up. :)


Anna said...

Hi again! Please feel free to share what you find within as answers to those questions! And I hope you will be able to meet Barbara Hand Clow sometime.... and that you get to read the books. Which two are they?
I would recommend you to read her astroflash (you can just google her name toghether with Astroflash) - every new moon she makes an astro analysis of the month ahead, and at the greater seasonal markers such as the Spring Equinox as well (soon coming up!).

Great to hear from you here :)!
Warm hugs!