Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The 5th/11th house axis combining with the MC, and Chiron as Shaman

Today a chain of thoughts brought me back to Chiron again. It seems that there has been a profound effect upon the workings of Chiron in my psyche as a consequence of transiting Pluto having trined it. For this I'm so happy - it has my intuition working so amazingly well, and I cannot imagine a more exciting adventure than the one that sets about through intuition. If you act upon those clear messages that come from your soul, and that are enhanced by synchronicity so that you just KNOW they are meaningful, then things will unfold in an amazing way. It's a certainty. Trust is the key.
(Book cover for "Chiron and the healing journey" by Melanie Reinhart)

And so what was it that led me back to Chiron today? I was pondering the fact that my MC at 26 Pisces will soon be transited by Uranus, and I had a realization about how the interplay of the 5th and 11th houses ties in with this transit to my MC. The MC or Midheaven marks the beginning of the 10th house in the horoscope, and represents the highest point of the heavens at the time of birth. Thus it represents the most "visible" you as a part of society. It represents your role in society, what comes out of your true calling or vocation. If you have planets conjunct or in strong aspect to the Midheaven or simply in your 10th house they are pointers to your strivings in society.

The MC in Pisces has had me very confused about finding my vocation. Pisces is not known for certainty of direction. It is more about dreams, intuitions and a longing for Source. Finding my vocation has always seemed very elusive to me. I have always had a nagging feeling of discontent, and a lack of something extremely important in my work - spirit. It seems that it is not until now that I am really getting ready to integrate my MC. I feel it's very much about daring to be seen in society as someone representing Piscean values, and working with them. And my feeling has been that this is quite controversial. The MC interplays with the IC (the Nadir) - your deepest personal roots - and this axis is often seen as representing the parents. I know for me the feeling that working with something Piscean might not be seen as acceptable is a view I've internalised from my parents. But with Uranus transiting the MC, I am finally breaking away from this internalised message and am ready to go my own way.

What has this to do with the 5th/11th house? Well, my MC is ruled by Neptune, which resides in the 5th house, in Sagittarius. Uranus, the planet that transits the MC is natally near the cusp of my 5th house, conjunct the North Node (NN) which is in the 5th. Uranus is the natural ruler of the 11th house, and Neptune in my chart is ruled by Jupiter (since it is in Sagittarius), which resides in... the 11th house! And the connection between my MC (Neptune ruled) and Uranus, to the 5th/11th houses, is emphasising my nodal axis which is in these houses. And the South Node (SN) is widely conjunct... Chiron! And Chiron is in the 10th (although quite close to the cusp of the 11th) - vocational issue again. Isn't that a fascinating loop? Chiron conj. the SN can be representative of past lives as a healer. It all ties in so beautifully into a web of energies, all correlated....

When I searched for more information on Chiron in the 10th, I found this site on Molly's astrology, where she writes that Chiron is associated with shamanism (http://north-node.com/astrology-tutorials/chiron)! Past lives as a healer, or maybe as a shaman? She also writes in one of the comments of the article that "Chiron's resonance is often with the herbal world". As you can read in earlier posts I have understood that there is something about shamans and herbs that is calling me - but I did not know it had to do with Chiron. Now I know, and I just feel... blissful! - by the accuracy and meaningfulness of it all.

Revel in your synchronicities, everyone!
I wish you lots of love and joy


Elizabeth said...

Hi Anna!!

Just now finding your blog! (I'm a bit slow it seems hehe) Is your Chiron conj your MC?! Just curious how this plays out on your angles. Learning more about Chiron has been hugely important for me in my own healing.

I don't believe I remember reading of this placement in your other posts (sorry if I missed it!) but it would certainly explain an area of confusion/ crisis-- struggle in finding ones career. At best, finding it later on in life. Seeing as Saturn is at home in 10th by ruler-- and saturn *delays but never denies*!

I have my sun in this house so I can feel your pain. But I can imagine having Chiron in this house hasnt been easy in the least either.

I want to go read in my book more on this placement...so more from me in a bit!!

Glad I found your blog too!


Anna said...

Hi Elizabeth - so glad you found your way here and am sorry for having taken so long to reply! My understanding of Chiron has grown to be that the only way to deal with the wounding is to attune to the spiritual levels - as Chiron is the "rainbow bridge" to the outer planets. I would recommend Barbara Hand Clow's book on Chiron, and I'm also curious to read Melanie Reinhart's book! I think Chiron's work is to help us really understand the spiritual cause of our wounding, and then be able to help others with our understanding as the tool.

My Chiron is at the very end of the 10th! Conjunct the SN (loosely), which is actually in the 11th. So, my MC is at late Pisces, but Chiron is all the way over at early Taurus...

I really do think Chiron in my 10th wants me to take steps toward understanding healing. Right now I'm actually thinking about taking a course in organic farming/gardening with a focus also on gardening as healing! I think this would help myself to heal, I so much long to work with the Earth - and also Chiron in Taurus is, I believe, about healing the Earth.

As you have Sun in your 10th, it's good that we can share experiences about career and vocation! My Moon (which is the ruler of my chart) is in Cap - so work is very important for me, too....

Where is your Chiron, by the way?