Thursday, May 5, 2011

Clarity of Intention and Being In Time - The Mayan Calendar

It's been two and a half months since I last wrote here, and I feel like I've been in a completely different world during this time! I'm asking myself, Whatever happened? - and perhaps some of you are asking yourselves the same question. I'll try to discuss a bit of what it is that is happening with us all at this point in time and space, with the help of some very knowledgeable and intuitive people whome I've come to lean on and respect, two of them being Barbara Hand Clow and Carl Johan Calleman who have both written on the Mayan Calendar and how it seems to describe an evolution of the human consciousness.

I haven't written much about the Mayan Calendar in this blog. I have mentioned Barbara Hand Clow a few times (check out this post for more on Barbara's work on the New Moons, Solstices and Equinoxes, and this one to read about her work on Chiron), but I haven't actually elaborated on her work on the Mayan Calendar, which is built partly upon the research of biologist Carl Johan Calleman, and partly upon her own past life regressions and channelings. Calleman found that the Calendar represents a purposeful evolution of consciousness on Planet Earth (as a living being - Gaia - with her own role in Cosmos), where several cycles of time overlay each other: each representing a different evolutionary period with a special purpose; each vibrating at a rate 20 times higher than the "previous" one (which accounts for a sensation of time being sped up each time we enter a new cycle); and each ending at the same time: October 28, 2011 (this is the date Calleman uses for the end of the Mayan Calendar, not December 21, 2012 as most people believe).

We are approaching the simultaneous culmination of all these (nine) cycles of evolution on October 28 this year at the speed of lightning! On March 9 we entered the fastest vibrating of the cycles, or Underworlds as Calleman calls them - the Universal or Cosmic Underworld. This cycle vibrates 20 times faster than the previous cycle (the Galactic Underworld), which began in 1999. To gain some perspective of the extremely fast developing world we're living in now, though, I'd like you to know that the cycle before the Galactic (the Planetary Underworld) began in 1755, and yet another cycle back, the National Underworld began 3115 B.C! So we're evolving as much as a species during less than one year, in this period between March and October, as we as a species evolved during much larger cycles, earlier in history.

Here's a graphic illustration of the nine cycles of evolution (I know it says that the Universal began in February and not in March and I've seen different dates for this - but everyone seems to agree that the First Day of the Ninth Wave (each of the cycles consists of seven days and seven nights) began on March 9):

(click here to view larger image) When Barbara Hand Clow, who is an astrologer, came upon the works of Carl Johan Calleman, she wanted to test his hypothesis against astrology to see if she could find relevant correlations in the astrological constellations taking place at the time of the big shifts of the Calendar. She found that there were and had indeed been major astrological extraordinarities taking place in the heavens during these shifts - and for her that was "evidence" enough of the truth in Calleman's work. Much of the material she had earlier channelled from the Pleiadians started to make sense to her in a new way. This post is going to become much too long if I go into the details of Barbara's work, but in short she says that we, the human species, are evolving to (once again) becoming true cosmic "citizens" and knowing our origins as starseeds and multidimensional beings. This is what we have the potential for now that we're moving towards the end of the calendar. And the chaos of our times, which seems to have become even more intense since we entered the Ninth Wave or Universal Underworld this March, is a "natural" outcome of the old, 3D focussed world and its structures falling apart.

I chose to call this post Clarity of Intention and Being In Time because we really need to be very, very clear on who we are, why we're here and what our role is in this MAJOR cosmic event taking place right now. We cannot afford to put our heads in the sand and pretend everything is normal or that it soon will get back to normal. We have to step up to the plate and remember who we are. My purpose with this blog is, partly at least, to provide information about this huge shift we're going through, and I can help you align with your true purpose and understand your role and why you're here, via astrology.

For more information on the works of Barbara Hand Clow and Carl Johan Calleman please see: For information about free astrology consultations at Capricornian Cancer please see:

Lots of love to you all! I'll be writing another post on this topic soon.

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